Walks Blog – Dec 2020

Walk (143) Corrie Hill-Gordon Way-Black Hill Circuit (Aberdeenshire)
This very enjoyable but vigorous walk makes a fairly relentless ascent on grassy forestry paths, moorland roads and boggy paths to one of the quieter and lesser known tops on Bennachie. The climb is amply rewarded by extensive views in all directions. The Black Hill is one of the lower summits on the popular Bennachie range but provides a marvellous viewpoint … 😀
John’s Facebook post: bit.ly/2WS5AIP , 29th December, 2020









Wintry Walking At Times …!
It was icy underfoot and, at times, snowy overhead on The Gordon Way today. The views from the top of the Black Hill made it all worthwhile … 😁💙
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/3plfWNk , 27th December, 2020







Happy Xmas …!
It looks very much like we’re heading for a white Christmas here in Alford. ☃️ Wishing all our facebook friends and family, wherever you are, a happy Christmas… 🎄
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/3rsLWBa , 24th December, 2020









Fine Views Above Finzean …
It was beautiful high up on Tom’s Cairn near Finzean yesterday. Wild and blustery and beautiful … 💙
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/3aqmLck , 20th December, 2020










Blue Skies Return …!
After a lengthy spell in hiding, blue skies reappeared across the western Shire this week … 😁💙
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/2J18sQ3, 18th December, 2020








Walk (142) Bellabeg-Colquhonnie Castle-Poldullie Bridge Circuit (Aberdeenshire)
This is a varied and interesting walk around and about the small village of Bellabeg in the scenic but remote area of Upper Donside known as Strathdon. After a steep ascent to a winding forest road above the settlement, there are great views of the Don Valley below you, and a panorama of surrounding hills and countryside. The route then descends to the ruined remains of Colquhonnie Castle. After crossing the valley and River Don, the route heads to Poldullie Bridge, a rare and elegant example of a single arch stone bridge, constructed in 1715 … 😀
John’s Facebook post: , 15th December, 2020
Bonnie Bellabeg …
Walking by Bellabeg today. Cold and wintry and beautiful … 😊
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/3qURsfF , 13th December, 2020









Furious Flyers At Fyvie …
The mallards, moorhens, coots, geese and swans were all busy whizzing about on the lake at Fyvie Castle earlier. While, nearby, the sheep quietly got on with their own business … 😁💙
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/2K1o86i , 12th December, 2020







Garden Comings And Goings …
Some of our recent garden visitors making good use of the feeders … 😁💙
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/3oFgPA7 , 17th December, 2020








Walk (141) Muir of Dinnet-Cnoc Dubh Circuit (Aberdeenshire)
This is a pleasant forest walk in mature pine and birch woodland. Watch out for the large ant-hills on the way to the summit of Cnoc Dubh, where there are good views to Pannanach Hill, Mount Keen, the River Dee, Ballater, Craigendarroch, and Lochnagar. On the descent, the route fords the tumbling Vat Burn before making a diversion to a precipitous vantage point above the Burn O’Vat gorge. Close to the end of the walk, the route passes an excellent viewpoint to Loch Kinord … 😀
John’s Facebook post: bit.ly/33X7ziI , 9th December, 2020








Funky Fungi Fotos …!
We’ve had our fair share of rain and low cloud in recent days – not the best conditions for photo-taking. So here’s some funky fungi snapped locally over recent weeks … 😊💙
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/39Ppzzv , 8th December, 2020








Black Skies Above The Black Hill …
Walking under dark wintry skies today – to the summit of Cnoc Dubh – with the sound of rushing water never very far away … 😀
John’s Facebook post: bit.ly/2VLeEP2 , 6th December, 2020









Along The Swanee River …
We always enjoy the views from this local walk at Keig. Yesterday, we were lucky enough to see a group of swans and a gaggle of geese glide in for a snack in one of the fields by the river … 😁💙
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/37EFz4m , 4th December, 2020

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