(060) Auchterarder Circular (Perthshire)

Route Summary
This gentle circuit acquaints you with the small town of Auchterarder, famous for its very long High Street, and nearby golf courses. You will also appreciate the fine countryside views, particularly towards the Ochill Hills. Be aware, one section adjoins the busy A9 road.

Duration: 2 hours. Continue reading “(060) Auchterarder Circular (Perthshire)”

(059) Woodhead-Windy Hills Circular (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
This is an excellent short walk through very pleasant and quiet natural woodland. There are no steep slopes, making for easy walking. The area is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to the underlying quartzite gravels from an ancient river-bed.

Duration: 2 hours. Continue reading “(059) Woodhead-Windy Hills Circular (Aberdeenshire)”

(058) Perth-River Tay North Inch Circuit (Perthshire)

Route Summary
This is an easy walk on level ground. The mighty River Tay fascinates throughout, passing by parkland, a golf course, rough grazing, splendid villas, and notable features such as Perth Racecourse and Scone Palace. All in all, an excellent leg-stretcher without too much effort.

Duration: 2.5 hours. Continue reading “(058) Perth-River Tay North Inch Circuit (Perthshire)”

(057) Blairgowrie-Cargill’s Leap-Knockie Hill Circuit (Perthshire)

Route Summary
At first following an historic passage used by Highland cattle raiders, along the River Ericht, the route then climbs gradually through hill farmland to the summit of the Knockie Hill where there are great views, near and far, in all directions.

Duration: 2.5 hours. Continue reading “(057) Blairgowrie-Cargill’s Leap-Knockie Hill Circuit (Perthshire)”

(056) Tarland-Tomnaverie Stone Circle Circuit (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
The walk, in a figure of 8 loop, at first encircles the pretty Tarland golf course before setting out for the evocative Tomnaverie stone circle, where the panoramic views are even more breath-taking. The return leg, through a large mature woodland makes for very pleasant walking.

Duration: 3 hours. Continue reading “(056) Tarland-Tomnaverie Stone Circle Circuit (Aberdeenshire)”

(055) Newburgh Circular (Fife)

Route Summary
This an easy walk alongside the wide and impressive estuary of the River Tay. The walk takes in an early section of the Fife Coastal Path, passing the old berthing areas for fishing and cargo boats. The return route uses an old right of way to circle back to the rear of the town.

Duration: 2 hours. Continue reading “(055) Newburgh Circular (Fife)”

(054) Crieff-The Hosh Circuit (Perthshire)

Route Summary
This walk overlooks Crieff, with a moderately taxing overall ascent of 161 m over a short distance, offering some wonderful views of the surrounding hills. The environment is mixed, with woodlands, fields, and tumbling burns. The route passes the famous Glenturret Distillery.

Duration: 1.75 hours. Continue reading “(054) Crieff-The Hosh Circuit (Perthshire)”

(053) Scone-Murrayshall Hill Circular (Perthshire)

Route Summary
At just under 10 km, and 300 m overall ascent, this is an invigorating and enjoyable hike through a variety of rural environments, with impressive panoramic views from Murrayshall Hill rewarding the effort involved. There are interesting historical focal points along the way.

Duration: 3 hours. Continue reading “(053) Scone-Murrayshall Hill Circular (Perthshire)”

(052) Old Portlethen Ramble (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
An easy coastal ramble, mostly through arable farmland. The old fishing station and haul-out inlet for boats at Old Portlethen is a scenic highlight. It is important that walkers keep to the path on the stretch along the cliff-tops, where the slopes are steep and slippy.

Duration: 1.75 hours. Continue reading “(052) Old Portlethen Ramble (Aberdeenshire)”