(028) Portsoy-Sandend-Old King’s Road Circular (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
At just over our usual limit of 10 km, this is a mostly gentle walking excursion on the cliff-tops, likely to fill the lungs with fresh sea air! Although on a different scale, the harbour areas of both Portsoy and Sandend have a very attractive old-world feel about them.

Duration: 3.5 hours. Continue reading “(028) Portsoy-Sandend-Old King’s Road Circular (Aberdeenshire)”

(027) Aboyne Loch-Mortlich Hill Circular (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
The walk enjoys a particularly rewarding section around Aboyne Loch, followed by fine hillside and summit views taking in lower and upper Strathdee. There is a steep ascent to the historically interesting summit. The route is best walked when the bracken has died back!

Duration: up to 4 hours. Continue reading “(027) Aboyne Loch-Mortlich Hill Circular (Aberdeenshire)”

(026) Leith Hall-Craigfall-Parkland Ramble (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
A mostly easy walk in a woodland and parkland setting with one ascent to the fine Craigfall viewpoint. Leith Hall is an attractive focal point on the route with beautiful ponds and a bird hide close-by. At the end of the walk, the extensive gardens make for an impressive finale.

Duration: 3 hours. Continue reading “(026) Leith Hall-Craigfall-Parkland Ramble (Aberdeenshire)”

(025) Bennachie-Heather Brig-Mither Tap-Turnpike Road (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
This is a great hill and forest walk at the tougher end of our range, at just over 9 km and with almost 400 m overall ascent. Despite its modest height, the Mither Tap rewards the walker with stunning panoramic views. The history of the place is also fascinating and diverse.

Duration: 4 hours. Continue reading “(025) Bennachie-Heather Brig-Mither Tap-Turnpike Road (Aberdeenshire)”

(024) Huntly-Kinnoir Wood-Battle Hill Circular (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary

***The stile over a barbed wire fence at Waypoint 9 has been removed. To cross the fence without a stile is difficult and may cause injury. We recommend the alternative route to Battlehill Wood which unfortunately misses out the outward section to Kinnoir Wood. See new instructions at Waypoint 4 and new route map at the end of the Route Guide PDF***

This walk provides an attractive mix, taking in Huntly’s pleasant townscape and the gently undulating farmland and woods surrounding the town. There are very satisfying open views from Brunstane Hill on the edge of Kinnoir Forest, and from Battle Hill, a prehistoric site.

Duration: 3 hours. Continue reading “(024) Huntly-Kinnoir Wood-Battle Hill Circular (Aberdeenshire)”

(023) Pitmedden House-Tolquhon Castle Circular (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
An easy walk through farmland and woodland with little appreciable overall ascent, and on mostly good paths. The route starts and finishes at the National Trust for Scotland owned Pitmedden House & Gardens. However, the focal point of this walk is the splendid ruin of 16th Century Tolquhon Castle maintained by Historic Environment Scotland.

Duration: 3 hours (including castle visit) Continue reading “(023) Pitmedden House-Tolquhon Castle Circular (Aberdeenshire)”

(022) Pennan Circular (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
This walk combines the scenic charm of a world-famous little fishing village on the Banffshire coast, almost hidden under low cliffs, with wild ravines, rolling hills, farmland and a conifer woodland. The return section on a quiet minor tarred road offers great wide-open views.

Duration: 3 hours. Continue reading “(022) Pennan Circular (Aberdeenshire)”