Walks Blog – Nov 2020

Happy St Andrew’s Day …
At -4C, walking in the first proper frost of the winter yesterday morning.😊 Happy St Andrew’s Day … πŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/36oZPaW , 30th November, 2020








Walk (140) Huntly-Clashmach Hill (Aberdeenshire)
This is a straightforward but energetic there and back walk to the summit of Clashmach Hill overlooking the town of Huntly. On a clear day, the views from the top are far-ranging. After a fairly relentless ascent, you will arrive at the grassy summit area where there is a cairn and a trig point. With good visibility, you will rewarded by views of many prominent hilltops including Morven in Caithness, over 100 kms away …! πŸ˜€
John’s Facebook post: bit.ly/3fQ4fut , 30th November, 2020









A Tale Of Two Morvens …
The weather smiled on us today – and just as we remembered from our last walk up Clashmach Hill many years ago – from the top we were able to pick out the distinctive conical shape of Morven Hill in faraway Caithness, across the Moray Firth, almost 100 kms away – and the very different whale’s back shape of our own Aberdeenshire Morven Hill much closer to hand in Deeside … πŸ˜€
John’s Facebook post: bit.ly/33sv2rM , 28th November, 2020









A Stroll By The Ythan Estuary …
Only a few seals at Newburgh this sunny afternoon but those who were around were on good form.πŸ’™ Good to catch up again with Eric & Karen again. It’s been a while …😊
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/2VbgYi4 , 27th November, 2020







A Busy Bird Feeder Again …!
With plenty autumn berries and seeds still around in recent weeks our bird feeders have been quiet. Winter setting in has changed all that.πŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/3nZDUNz , 26th November, 2020








Glorious Glen Tanar …
With winter in retreat for a day or two, we headed to Glen Tanar to try out a new route in this beautiful area. We had success – a long one but a good one … πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/2UPuDeg , 21st November, 2020










Pop-up Winter Wonderland …
Autumn, where did you go? With an overnight plunge in temperature and slow flurries yesterday, it was cool and wintry landscapes all around …β„οΈπŸ˜Š
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/3fjkyzL , 20th November, 2020







Watercolour Landscapes …
Yesterday morning in nearby Wellhouse Woods and on Corsedardar Hill, near Finzean, later in the day … πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/35GSxih , 18th November, 2020










Walk (138) Glenlivet-Drumin Castle Circuit (Moray)
This is a very scenic short walk in the upland area of Moray where the glen of the River Livet meets Strath Avon. It follows a way-marked circular trail from the old Bridge of Livet, where there are fine views of the tumbling river below, to the atmospheric ruin of Drumin Castle, perched on a bluff overlooking the surrounding countryside … πŸ˜€
John’s Facebook post: bit.ly/35z8xD4 , 15th November, 2020








Bare Branches …
Walking east along the river this afternoon. The trees are all but bare, bringing an austere beauty to this familiar landscape …πŸ’™πŸ˜Š
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/2ID1O1L ,13th November, 2020









Walk (137) Hopeman-Clashach Cove-Duffus Circuit (Moray)
This is a varied circular walk, heading out from Hopeman along the attractive Moray coast before diverting inland to visit the historic St Peter’s Kirk at Duffus. Hopeman is situated in a sheltered position, with excellent views across the Moray Firth to the hills of Caithness. Further east on the route, Clashach Cove is a pretty spot for a summer picnic and to explore a large cave and stone arch. Heading inland for the small village of Duffus, the route visits the ruin of St Peter’s Kirk, the location for an earlier medieval settlement where the old market cross remains … πŸ˜€
John’s Facebook post: bit.ly/2GQYhN5 , 11th November, 2020






Reflections On Loch Na Bo …!
A first visit to beautiful Loch Na Bo, near Lhanbryde, earlier today. The Whooper swans gave us a noisy welcome.πŸ’™πŸ˜
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/2UcSMep , 8th November, 2020








Pondering Ruinous Remains …
… some pics from our historical stop-offs over the last few days – firstly, Duffus Castle and the Bishops’ Palace at Spynie, which once looked out at each other across the expanse of the sea-loch of Spynie (drained by Thomas Telford in the early 19th C). And, finally, Drumin Castle in Glenlivet, one of the lairs of Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan and the so-called β€œWolf of Badenoch”, a despotic figure who burned down the town of Forres, Pluscarden Abbey, and Elgin Cathedral in 1390 … 😲
John’s Facebook post.: bit.ly/38m5VKu , 8th November, 2020








Last Light In Lossie …
Back in Lossiemouth for the last shafts of sunlight … πŸ’™πŸ˜Š
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/36tBiR5 , 7th November, 2020








Crisp And Cool At Glenlivet …
A hilly landscape walking inland at Drumin today. A change of scene and, at 3C, a change in temperature …! 😬😁
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/3l3EKrv , 7th November, 2020







Moray Shines …!

At Hopeman today, the mild Moray coast micro-climate didn’t let us down … πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/356HYFf , 6th November, 2020






Spot The Birdie At The Lossie Estuary …
Taken before we headed out this morning, there’s a heron, some teal ducks and at least one curlew in this photo. Difficult to spot but they’re there. This is not fake news … πŸ˜‰
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/2IcD8Nq , 6th November, 2020







Mild Moray Coast Conditions …!
Walking at Lossiemouth today, we couldn’t have asked for better weather .😊  The low flying jets a reminder there’s a military base near by …
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/3lfc0wd , 5th November, 2020







Copper Combinations …
Walking in a copper-coloured Haughton Park this morning … and meeting a copper-coloured coo near Finzean this afternoon … πŸ˜πŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/3eoWLxY , 3rd November, 2020







Walk (136) Whitehill Stone Circle-White Lady-Balvenie Stone (Aberdeenshire)
This very enjoyable and varied route takes in a mix of forest and moorland environments with some fine views in places, and especially on the ascent and descent of the White Lady hilltop, one of the Menaway Hills near Monymusk. Before the ascent, the route passes the Whitehill recumbent stone circle, dating back to Neolithic times. During the return leg the route passes an impressive natural feature, the Balvenie Stone, a so-called β€œerratic” giant boulder deposited by melting ice sheets after the last Ice Age … πŸ˜€
John’s Facebook post: bit.ly/2TYzx8F , 2nd November, 2020

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