Walks Blog – Oct 2020

There’s A Storm Comin’ …!
Walking on White Lady Hill yesterday. Making the most of the fine weather before the expected storm arrived this morning … 😊
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/322R185 , 31st October, 2020








Haughton Park Highlights …
Yet more eye-catching autumn hues …💙 #sorrynotsorry  …😆
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/37NBvkf , 28th October, 2020







Walk (135) Kincardine O’Neil-Old Roads Ramble (Aberdeenshire)
This walk provides a range of countryside and riverside environments to enjoy in scenic Deeside. The route starts and finishes at the historic ruin of the Church of St Mary in Kincardine O’Neil, the oldest village on Deeside. Sections of the route are on very old roads – used by travellers, drovers, and soldiers over centuries past … 😀
John’s Facebook post: bit.ly/3jDel21 , 27th October, 2020









Kicking About Kinker …
Walking a figure of eight route around “Kinker” [Kincardine O’Neil] earlier. And, checking out future possible route options along the way. Workable we think….. 🤞😊
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/35sfJQc , 25th October, 2020










Sunshine After The Rain In Lumphanan …!
A much appreciated blink of sunshine this afternoon after a rainy few days … 💙😁
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/31ChcCn , 23rd October, 2020








Walk (134) Dinnet-Old Kinord History Trail (Aberdeenshire)
This is a very scenic walking route from the Deeside hamlet of Dinnet, skirting the shores of Loch Clarack, Loch Kinord and Loch Davan, while also incorporating a number of interesting historical features. The route is within the Muir of Dinnet National Nature Reserve, part of the Cairngorms National Park … 😀
John’s Facebook post: bit.ly/3o3EjPP , 19th October, 2020








Old Kinord Autumn Leaves …
Old Kinord and more of those glorious autumn colours … 😊💙
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/3o4jXWS , 17th October, 2020









Autumn Reflections …
Walking by the Muir of Dinnet lochs is beautiful at any time of year but the colours right now are special … 😊💙
Alison’s Facebook post: bit.ly/3dAFW2x , 17th October, 2020








Busy Birds …
Another busy week at the bird feeders. The coal tits are back and raiding the black sunflower seeds. The great tits, on the other hand, are sticking with the peanuts … 😊💙
Alison’s Facebook post: https://tinyurl.com/yymo2atg , 16th October, 2020





Govals Wood Walk …
A flying visit to Inverurie this morning meant an opportunity to stop off at an old favourite … 😊💙
Alison’s Facebook post: https://tinyurl.com/yxj6nxk4 , 13th October, 2020








Craigendarroch Killer Climb …!
Craigendarroch Hill was part of our route at Ballater today. For such a wee hill, the climb is brutal in parts ..! 😅💙
Alison’s Facebook post: https://tinyurl.com/y2t7lxfu , 10th October, 2020







Seasonal Shades …
Autumn colours galore at nearby Craigievar Castle this afternoon … 😊💙
Alison’s Facebook post: https://tinyurl.com/y4r7tzyz , 8th October, 2020







Walk (132) Huntly-River Deveron-Castle Hotel Circuit (Aberdeenshire)
This is a pleasant extended stroll around and about Huntly, taking in the historic castle, an ancient bridge, the impressive driveway up to the former Castle Lodge mansion house (now the Castle Hotel), the scenic banks of the fast-flowing River Deveron, and a mature area of pine woodland in the centre of the town … 😀
John’s Facebook post: https://tinyurl.com/y24y6tl9 , 5th October, 2020








A River Runs Through It …!
I need to find a new pre-work walk route tomorrow morning – part of my usual one is presently under the river … 😏 A reminder, if we need one, of the power of nature …
Alison’s Facebook post: https://tinyurl.com/y3bzlq8h , 4th September, 2020








Before The Deluge …!
… before the deluge … some photos from yesterday’s walk in the sunshine … around and about Huntly and the River Deveron … 😎
John’s Facebook post: https://tinyurl.com/y5ymetdk , 3rd October, 2020








Going South …?
Our garden friends continue to visit. The big question, though – will the goldfinches head south soon …? 🤔😊💙
Alison’s Facebook post: https://tinyurl.com/yyd6drwc , 2nd October, 2020

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