(035) Pitfichie-River Don Woodlands Circular (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
A mostly easy ramble in the very scenic valley of the River Don, south of the Bennachie range of hills. There is a short section in Craigton Wood where the path is a little overgrown. Paradise Wood is an historic designed landscape, notable for the size and variety of conifers.

Duration: 2.5 hours. Continue reading “(035) Pitfichie-River Don Woodlands Circular (Aberdeenshire)”

(034) Craibstone-Elrick and Brimmond Hills Circular (Aberdeen)

Route Summary
This is a walk of two halves. The first section is through a variety of woodland types, with some open views. The second half is mostly through an open landscape with great countryside views as far as the eye can see. The view from Brimmond Hill over Aberdeen is impressive.

Duration: 3.5 hours. Continue reading “(034) Craibstone-Elrick and Brimmond Hills Circular (Aberdeen)”

(033) Cullen-Findlater Castle Loop (Moray)

Route Summary
There are a few ups and downs on this coastal walk, making for an overall ascent of almost 300 m. The landscape is varied: a seaside village, rolling farmland, a pretty beach and impressive ruined castle on a cliff-top. Some sections on cliff-side paths may be muddy.

Duration: 3.75 hours. Continue reading “(033) Cullen-Findlater Castle Loop (Moray)”

(032) Millstone Hill-Heather Brig-Bennachie Forest Loop (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
In our terms, at 12 km, this is a long walk, with almost 500 m of overall ascent. However, the slopes encountered are generally gradual in nature. The views from the summit of Millstone Hill are tremendous, and the peaceful mature forest environment is also very satisfying.

Duration: 4 hours. Continue reading “(032) Millstone Hill-Heather Brig-Bennachie Forest Loop (Aberdeenshire)”

(031) Haddo House Country Park Ramble (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
Popular with families, this is a very enjoyable and gentle ramble around the extensive landscaped grounds and formal gardens of a stunning 18thC mansion house. There is a relatively gentle ascent on a grand drive from the beautiful lake area at the centre of the country park.

Duration: 2.5 hours. Continue reading “(031) Haddo House Country Park Ramble (Aberdeenshire)”

(030) St Mary’s Chapel-Rattray Head Lighthouse Return (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
An easy rural walk from an 800 year old ruined chapel near the Loch of Strathbeg, a Special Protection Area for wildlife conservation, to the seashore at Rattray Head, with its imposing lighthouse. The nearby sand dunes can be 30 m high, providing a good all round viewpoint.

Duration: 2.75 hours Continue reading “(030) St Mary’s Chapel-Rattray Head Lighthouse Return (Aberdeenshire)”

(029) Fyvie Castle-Fyvie Loch-Fyvie Kirk Circular (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
An easy but very enjoyable walk with negligible overall ascent. The focal point is the visually impressive and intact baronial castle, although the landscaped grounds and lake, with walled garden come a close second. The visit to the Old Kirk of Fyvie is interesting.

Duration: up to 3 hours. Continue reading “(029) Fyvie Castle-Fyvie Loch-Fyvie Kirk Circular (Aberdeenshire)”