Walks Blog – May 2019

Essential Rations …!
Topping up on fuel for tomorrow’s hike … 😁
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2QFBYKD , 31st May, 2019







Never Cast a Cloot … ‘Till May Be Oot!
It was green, green, green walking near Torphins on Tuesday. The blue skies deceive, though…..we took shelter from hailstones at one point … 😁
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2MeWYtb , 30th May, 2019








Walk (064) Delgatie Castle and Woods Circular (Aberdeenshire)
This is a pleasant walk amongst mature mixed woodland. Close to the impressive tower of Delgatie Castle, the route passes by an attractive trout loch, edged by large broadleaf trees. The original castle and lands were seized from the Earl of Buchan after the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 and given to Clan Hay. Mary, Queen of Scots, was a guest at the castle in 1562 after the Battle of Corrichie …Β 









Hello Little Lewis …!
Meeting gorgeous little Lewis, John’s grandson, today. Here with dad, Neil, and very proud big sister, Sophie … πŸ˜πŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post onΒ 26th May, 2019








Dining in the Laird’s Kitchen …!
We were walking (and eating home-made pancakes and scones!) near 16th century Delgatie Castle today. Our intrepid sign-posters did the usual grand job … 😁
Alison’s Facebook post: https://to.ly/1zm7i , 25th May, 2019








On Safari …!
Topiary elephants weren’t quite what we expected to see at Castle Fraser this afternoon! They’re here on safari while their home stomping ground, Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital, undergoes construction work. They’re fab ..! 😁
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2YzXBic , 19th May, 2019








The Hidden [Home and] Garden …!
What a great find at nearby Leochel Cushnie. TR Home and Garden! Hay’s ginger bottle got, upcycled dining chairs bought and about to get a paint job, a coffee and juice ….. and a hello to Morag and family, the bonniest highland coo’s …!Β  😁
Alison’s Facebook post: https://to.ly/1z7qc , 17th May, 2019









Walk (063) Cullen Bay and Portknockie Circular (Moray)
This is an excellent walk on the scenic Banffshire coast. The route offers variety and historical interest, alongside stunning views. Cullen is an attractive village with a clear distinction between picturesque and colourful Seatown of Cullen, the fishing quarter, nestled into the broad bay, and the grander β€œNew Cullen” rising uphill and inland. The impressive railway viaducts featuring on the walk served the original Great North of Scotland coastal line from Aberdeen to Elgin. After climbing to the Portknockie headland we come upon the hugely impressive and photogenic Bow Fiddle Rock – a natural sea arch, so called because it resembles the tip of a fiddle bow …Β πŸ˜ƒ
John’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2Ho7tpt , 17th May, 2019



These Boots Were Made For …!
After a wee break it was back on with the walking boots proper today. It was great to be route sign-posting again and even better to be doing it in short sleeves …! 😁
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2YrDxyv , 14th May, 2019









A Gem of a Day on the Moray Firth …!
With temperatures in the low 20’s, sunny skies and a sparkling blue Moray Firth, we had near-Mediterranean conditions today, walking a Cullen-Portknockie circular … πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2YsGXky , 14th May, 2019








Sunday Afternoon Ramble to North Strone Stone Circle …
Yesterday afternoon we took a (longish!) walk from our doorstep up Strone Hill, which overlooks the village of Alford on the south side. The focal point of the ramble was an ancient monument, the North Strone Stone Circle, nowadays hidden by dense expanses of gorse bushes and surrounded by upland fields grazed by black cattle. The Circle is notable for the smaller than normal size of the stones, particularly the recumbent. We weren’t surprised by the wonderful views from the Circle, but the pink aplite stones, glittering in the sunshine, were a delight and a revelation β€¦Β πŸ˜ƒ
John’s Facebook post: https://to.ly/1z0m4 , 13th May, 2019



An Exotic Olfactory Experience …!
All around us on our walk today there was the heady scent of coconut and wild garlic. The coconut scent was from the swathes of gorse … rather than swaying palms, of course …!Β πŸ˜ƒ
John’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2HcCwo6 , 11th May, 2019











A Very Special Garden …!
Even this early in the season, it’s colours-galore in the gardens at Leith Hall … πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2Ynm7Da , 11th May, 2019










Eyes Drawn to the Tap …
It was blue skies all the way walking near Leith Hall today. The Tap and Hill o’Noth sure do dominate the landscape in these parts … πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2YnOXmJ , 11th May, 2019








Dandering About Upper Donside …
Exploring new haunts yesterday. Kidrummy Kirk and the very old St Bride’s Chapel … 😊
Alison’s Facebook post: http://tinyw.in/O1f1 , 8th May, 2019







Wintry Showers Continue …!
The April showers continue into May and, today, high up on Ardhuncart Hill, it snowed! Still, the 360 degree views, from Tap o Noth to the Buck of Cabrach, were special … πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2YdGiU6 , 7th May, 2019








Colourful Blooms …
A splash of colour on this rainy morning, from a ramble around Torphins earlier in the week … πŸ˜πŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2GZuBuw , 2nd May, 2019

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