Walks Blog – Jan 2020

Atlantic Crossing …!
We crossed the iconic Bridge over the Atlantic – Clachan Bridge – to explore the Isle of Seil today. It was mild, stormy and blustery…..and the walking conditions were certainly challenging in parts.πŸ˜πŸ’™ Β It’s hard to believe that, looking west, the next stop is Newfoundland!
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/3aZJo54 , 31st January, 2020








West Coast Weather …!
To test us east-coasters, Oban laid on a wet and windy welcome for us today. Glad we packed the waterproofs … 😁
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2uNeU5E , 30th January, 2020








No Show Snow Cats …!
Snow was forecast and snow it was, as we arrived in Newtonmore today. We headed for the Wildcat Trail but no felines were to be found. I think they’re hibernating … πŸ˜β˜ƒοΈπŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: https://t.ly/7Jk8A , 29th January, 2020







Icy in Inverness …!
Work took me to Inverness today, so I grabbed the opportunity to take a lunchtime walk to the nature reserve at Merkinch. The sun was shining and it was beautiful-but let’s just say I’m glad I was well wrapped up … πŸ₯Άβ„οΈπŸ˜
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/3aMsF5q , 27th January, 2020








Dodging Drizzle on Dunnideer
Climbing Dunnideer earlier today, the grey skies all around promised rain. Happily, we were back down and close to the car when the showers finally came … 😊
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2uChNqc , 26th January, 2020








Walk (107) Tarland-Pittenderich Cairn Circuit (Aberdeenshire)
We often enthuse about the wonderful views we enjoy on our walking expeditions. However, undertaken on a clear day, this walk must rank as one of our very best routes for all-around scenic quality. There are very few points on the track where there are not extremely fine views of the Howe of Cromar, and towards Mount Keen, Lochnagar, and the distant Cairngorms. Much closer, and ever-present, are constantly changing views of the imposing β€œwhale’s back” mass of Morven Hill β€¦Β πŸ˜€
John’s Facebook post: https://t.ly/2PPl9 , 22nd January, 2020


An Ancient History Hike …
#Walking in the footsteps of the ancients today to a prehistoric burial cairn on #Pittenderich Hill overlooking #Tarland – the views all around were quite something … πŸ˜€
John’s Twitter post: https://bit.ly/2R4nkyk , 18th January, 2020








Bending To The Wind …!
It was breezy on Pittenderich Hill today, with a cold north westerly stinging our faces as we neared the top. The sloping pine trees suggest it’s more often than not that way here … πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: https://t.ly/MMwnA , 18th January, 2020








Distant Snow Showers …
Up above Tarland and Dounside House on Pittenderich hill today, the views were quite something. In the west, we could see a snow storm blowing on Lochnagar but, for us, one wee snow flurry was all … 😊
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2NDEmBm , 18th January, 2020








Punishment Rewarded …
A short recce to check out a future walk on Pressendye turned into a long hike this afternoon. Not quite what the legs had expected after tougher than usual Friday morning exercise classes. But the day was beautiful and the views glorious, so why not … πŸ˜…πŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2tjkCfz , 17th January, 2020








Walk (106) Hill of Fare Return (Aberdeenshire)
This a straightforward but enjoyable short hill-walk, with an initial section in open commercial forest, leading to a section of naturally-seeded pines before the heather moorland predominates on the main ascent. The Hill of Fare is an extensive area of forestry and rough moorland north of Banchory with a number of distinct peaks. The climb onto the heather moors is rewarded, on a clear day, with some fantastic views of the surrounding Deeside and Donside countryside. Near the summit, are a trio of delightful little lochans β€¦Β πŸ˜€
John’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/36XFqYq , 15th January, 2020


Winter Walking …!
A timely Facebook memory this morning, on this very day two years ago. Our winter hiking gear then, in the Tenerife hills, and our winter hiking gear today, in the Scottish hills … πŸ˜†πŸ’™

www.walktenerifesur.euΒ themackwalks.wordpress.com

Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/3a8QfJc , 14th January, 2020







Locating Lurking Lochans …
High on Hill of Fare today. Magnificent views and a surprise find of three tiny lochans at the top … 😊
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/30jho7E , 14th January, 2020








Surf’s Up at Sandend …!
With bright sunny skies, a deep blue sea and surfers, we might have thought we were on the Med this morning. But, no, it was the Moray Firth, and a Portsoy-Sandend circuit, on a beautiful January day … πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: https://t.ly/YR8pl , 12th January, 2020








Art House Hike …!
Lots of walking for us again today. This time, though, indoors and at considerably reduced pace…..with a visit to the recently revamped and re-opened Aberdeen Art Gallery! It didn’t disappoint … 😊
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/37ZptAS , 11th January, 2019







Flowery Delights …
Time for some brights … 😊
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/309RnI3 , 10th January, 2020








Cold Comforts …
At -6C, it was cold and crisp walking near Lumphanan today … πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2R7r9S2 , 10th January, 2020








Walk (105) Huntly – Castle and River Deveron Circuit (Aberdeenshire)
This is a short but pleasant stroll around and about Huntly, taking in the historic castle, an ancient bridge, and the scenic banks of the fast-flowing River Deveron β€¦Β πŸ˜€
John’s Facebook post: https://t.ly/MmVw1 , 10th January, 2020








Walk (104) Old Logie Loop (Aberdeenshire)
This is a gentle little hike through mature pine woodlands and open farmland, with a short section along the banks of the River Ury. At various points on the route, the views of the north side of the Bennachie range are especially impressive. Along the way, there is some history to discover and speculate upon β€¦Β πŸ˜€
John’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2Fr9iAa , 6th January, 2020








A Fiery Fresco …!
Wow, spectacular skies in every direction post-sunset tonight … πŸ˜πŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2ts1Py9 , 5th January, 2020









At The Golf Coast …
Exploring Carnoustie and the Angus coast today … 😊
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2MWqceg , 4th January, 2020







Loving The Old Logie Loop …
Pictish stones, iconic Bennachie as a backdrop and testing out pal John R’s espresso-on-the-go Xmas present. What a great morning … πŸ˜ŠΒ πŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2SMmx6E , 2nd January, 2020















A Promising Start To The Roaring Twenties …!
Celebrating the first day of the new decade with a long hike near Loch Kinord. Near perfect walking conditions this beautiful New Year’s Day …Β  πŸ˜ŠΒ πŸ’™
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2QdAFEe , 1st January, 2020








Remembering Past Times …!
Checking out a possible new walking route today, we stumbled upon some impressive β€œhut circles” on the grassy slopes between the lochs Kinord and Davan near Dinnet. It turns out these are the stone foundation walls of an Iron Age community based around large timber roundhouses. Wandering around the site, we broke off our chat, reminiscing about the 10 years just past in our own lives, to speculate on the lives lived in this little self-sufficient community some 2,500 years ago …!Β πŸ€”
John’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/2MPb2aK , 1st January, 2020


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