(021) Strichen White Horse-Waughton Hill Loop (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
Walking from the village of Strichen to a huge “white horse” laid out in stone on the hillside above the settlement. After checking out the ruin of an 18th C hunting lodge higher up the hillside, there are breath-taking long-distance views from the summit of Waughton Hill.

Duration: 3 hours. Continue reading “(021) Strichen White Horse-Waughton Hill Loop (Aberdeenshire)”

(020) Boddam Castle-Stirling Hill Quarries Walk (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
A varied and interesting walk over a moderate distance and overall ascent with some fantastic viewpoints. Nature has largely healed the post-industrial landscape, with picturesque flooded quarries sitting on heather hillsides. A coastal walk guaranteed to blow away the cob-webs!

Duration: 3 hours. Continue reading “(020) Boddam Castle-Stirling Hill Quarries Walk (Aberdeenshire)”

(019) Deer Abbey-Pitfour Lake Ramble (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
A relatively easy walk with minimal overall ascent on good paths and estate roads. The route breaks into 3 main components – firstly, open outlooks from the old railway line; then the fascinating ruins of Deer Abbey; and finally, the picturesque beauty of Pitfour Lake.

***Some walkers may not be comfortable walking on the verge of a busy A road. See Waypoint 4 for an alternative route.***

Duration: 2.5 hours Continue reading “(019) Deer Abbey-Pitfour Lake Ramble (Aberdeenshire)”

(018) Tap o’ Noth Circular (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
Unusually, this is a circular walk to the Tap o’ Noth, a distinctive hill in remote hill-farming country. The route to the ancient stone fort at the summit provides wonderful open views as the track gently ascends. The final approach to the summit is on a steep moorland path.

Duration: 2.75 hours. Continue reading “(018) Tap o’ Noth Circular (Aberdeenshire)”

(017) Castle Fraser Ramble (Aberdeenshire)

***A fallen tree affects this route – see note at Waypoint 9 ***
Route Summary

A varied walk through the woodland and farmland policies surrounding an iconic Scottish castle. The castle is viewed from a range of perspectives alongside fine views of the countryside. The pond area is a delight, and there are interesting historical structures on the route.

Duration: 2.5 hours. Continue reading “(017) Castle Fraser Ramble (Aberdeenshire)”

(016) Hill of Dunnideer Circular (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
An easy walk-in to the Hill of Dunnideer, avoiding a steep ascent. Views of the hill dominate the route from areas of natural woodland and farmland. The stone circle on the hill-side, and ruined castle at the summit are impressive. From the top there are marvellous open views.

Duration: 2.5 hours Continue reading “(016) Hill of Dunnideer Circular (Aberdeenshire)”

(015) Findhorn Ramble (Moray)

Route Summary
There are no significant ups and downs on this gentle hike, taking in Findhorn Bay and some of the wide sweep of Burghead Bay, where there is a special dunes eco-system. Later, part of the route is in pine woods, passing through the world-renown Findhorn Foundation community.

Duration: 2.5 hours Continue reading “(015) Findhorn Ramble (Moray)”

(014) Newburgh Beach & Golf Course Ramble (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
An easy little walk with fine views around and about the coastal village of Newburgh-on-Ythan. The walk takes in the dunes environment, a beach where basking seals in large numbers can be observed, and a gentle circuit around the picturesque old golf course.

Duration: 1.5 hour Continue reading “(014) Newburgh Beach & Golf Course Ramble (Aberdeenshire)”

(013) Pitfichie-Whitehill Stone Circle-Green Hill (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
One of our longer walks at nearly 10 km, with a fairly strenuous 350 m overall ascent. Mainly a forest walk with a mid-section amongst heather moorland on the Green Hill. Interesting historical aspects and marvellous views from the summit and at other points during the route.

Duration: 3.5 hours. Continue reading “(013) Pitfichie-Whitehill Stone Circle-Green Hill (Aberdeenshire)”