Walks Blog – Feb 2023

Recalling Sunny Days At Potarch Bridge …
Re-walking our route from Potarch today, it was cold, cloudy and drizzly. Not the best for photo-shoots … These taken on very different days weather-wise, in the spring and summer of 2021 … 💙 #archive
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/3Ey6aSb , 25th February, 2023

Checking Out Our Dunnottar Castle Walk At Stonehaven …
The calm after the storm (Otto) …! 💙😊
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/3k742d0 , 18th February, 2023

Capturing Cloud Colours …
Striking colours and clouds as we walked at Ardhuncart and e-biked on Airlie hill earlier in the week … 💙😊
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/3XG0lbU , 16th February, 2023

Walk (197) Banchory-Scolty Hill Forest Road Circuit (Aberdeenshire)
Scolty is a low hill on the eastern edge of the Grampian Mountain range. However the views from the top are extensive and very rewarding. All of the town of Banchory is seen nestling underneath the hill, with a section of the River Dee running through it. The Scolty Hill monument is a tall tower, built in 1840 as a memorial to local man, General William Burnett, who campaigned with Lord Wellington … 😀
John’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/3Iopi7q , 14th February, 2023

Stretching Our Legs On Scolty Hill …
Sunny and mild, a great day to climb Scolty … 💙😊
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/3XqHa5I , 11th February, 2023

Walk (196) Culbin Forest-Hill 99-The Gut Circuit (Moray)
This is essentially a forest walk, where you are surrounded, for the most part, by high Scots Pines, which were planted from the 1920s to the 1960s to stabilize what, at the time, was the largest area of loose sand dune desert in Britain. The Culbin Forest, a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest, covers over 28 square km, with an extensive network of inter-connecting rough roads and tracks, and stretches for 13 km along the Moray Firth coast between Findhorn Bay and Nairn. At the mid-point on the route, there is a 1.5km section along the shoreline of “The Gut”, an unusual tidal area of mudflats and salt-marsh … 😀
John’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/3xrexuA , 10th February, 2023

Fabulous Findhorn Bay Sunset …!
Another stunning sunset over the bay … 💙😊
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/3jtkEvr , 6th February, 2023

Daylight Fading Out Over Findhorn Bay …
Catching the sunset over the bay …💙😊
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/3Yn4LoP , 4th February, 2023

Today We Were In Tuscany – Not!
These eye-catching Italianate farm buildings at Altyre, near Forres, were constructed in the 1830’s, and have now been renovated as the Glasgow School of Art’s ‘Creative Campus’. After leaving school, I worked the summer of ‘71 as a forestry labourer on the surrounding Altyre Estate. The friendly robin is at nearby Blairs Loch … 😀
John’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/3Ym4hQ2 , 4th February, 2023

Findhorn Ramble …
Catching the last of the daylight by the bay. Seals plentiful and vocal across the water on Culbin Sands … 💙😊
Alison’s Facebook post: https://bit.ly/3Dzxoak , 2nd February, 2023

Today, we are in Tuscany – not! 😎

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