(104) Old Logie Loop (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary

***Due to forestry operations (at Nov 2022) it is not possible to pass through the Logie Woodlands at Waypoint 3. Instead, carry on along the rough road to Waypoint 6, turning left through the gate into the woodland (now mostly felled). This removes the northern loop, and considerably reduces the route length to 3.02 km. ***

A short walk, with an undemanding overall ascent, in pleasant mixed countryside near Pitcaple, on the banks of the River Ury. The ragged peaks of the nearby Bennachie ranger are a dominant feature of the landscape throughout. There are some interesting historical features.

Duration: 1.5 hours.

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(065) Craigshannoch-Old Turnpike Road Circular (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
An excellent half-day hill walk incorporating a good mix of pine forest, heather moorland and farmland environments. Along the way there are lots of opportunities to rub shoulders with the history and myth associated with the Bennachie range.

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(047) Back o’Bennachie-Oxen Craig-Watch Craig Circular (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
The first half of this walk involves an unrelenting ascent on well-maintained paths though pine forest and then heather moorland to the peak of Oxen Craig. The traverse to Watch Craig and return leg, in the lee of Hummell Craig, are on less well-known paths. Great hilltop views.

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(044) Kirkton of Bourtie-Hill of Barra Return (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
The focal point of this easy walk in fertile Garioch farming country is the exhilarating view from the summit of Barra Hill, redolent with the memories of historical drama over the ages. There is also an opportunity to visit the old country church-yard at Kirkton of Bourtie.

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(042) Core Hill-Mill of Easterton Circular (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
Unusually, this walk starts and finishes on a hilltop, albeit not a very high hill. There is a wonderful panoramic view from the start, progressing to fantastic views of the Bennachie range in the mid-section of the route, from a grassy old road above the Garioch farmlands.

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(032) Millstone Hill-Heather Brig-Bennachie Forest Loop (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
In our terms, at 12 km, this is a long walk, with almost 500 m of overall ascent. However, the slopes encountered are generally gradual in nature. The views from the summit of Millstone Hill are tremendous, and the peaceful mature forest environment is also very satisfying.

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(025) Bennachie-Heather Brig-Mither Tap-Turnpike Road (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
This is a great hill and forest walk at the tougher end of our range, at just over 9 km and with almost 400 m overall ascent. Despite its modest height, the Mither Tap rewards the walker with stunning panoramic views. The history of the place is also fascinating and diverse.

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