(058) Perth-River Tay North Inch Circuit (Perthshire)

Route Summary
This is an easy walk on level ground. The mighty River Tay fascinates throughout, passing by parkland, a golf course, rough grazing, splendid villas, and notable features such as Perth Racecourse and Scone Palace. All in all, an excellent leg-stretcher without too much effort.

Duration: 2.5 hours. Continue reading “(058) Perth-River Tay North Inch Circuit (Perthshire)”

(053) Scone-Murrayshall Hill Circular (Perthshire)

Route Summary
At just under 10 km, and 300 m overall ascent, this is an invigorating and enjoyable hike through a variety of rural environments, with impressive panoramic views from Murrayshall Hill rewarding the effort involved. There are interesting historical focal points along the way.

Duration: 3 hours. Continue reading “(053) Scone-Murrayshall Hill Circular (Perthshire)”