(110) Keith-Tarnash Falls-Dunnyduff Wood (Moray)

Route Summary
A relatively easy walk on good paths and surfaced roads, mostly in very pleasant mature woodland. The focal point on the route is the pretty and evocative Tarnash Waterfall. There is a good view over the town of Keith from the highest point in Dunnyduff Wood.

Duration: 1.75 hours. Continue reading “(110) Keith-Tarnash Falls-Dunnyduff Wood (Moray)”

(074) Fife Keith-Strathisla-Mill of Towie Loop (Moray)

Route Summary
At just over 10 km, this is a fine half-day tour around the valley (“Strath”) of the River Isla near Keith. The walk takes in places of historical interest, and follows an old turnpike road for some of the route. There are good views of rolling farmland and surrounding hills.

Duration: 3.5 hours. Continue reading “(074) Fife Keith-Strathisla-Mill of Towie Loop (Moray)”