(108) Montrose-Scurdie Ness Circuit (Angus)

Route Summary
A good coastal walk with fine views over the Port of Montrose and the mouth of the River South Esk. Scurdie Ness lighthouse is in an attractive setting. Cattle are typically encountered at one point, so consider if the complete circular route is suitable for you and your family.

Duration: 2 hours. Continue reading “(108) Montrose-Scurdie Ness Circuit (Angus)”

(078) Tarfside-Hill of Rowan Circuit (Angus)

Route Summary
This walk in the Angus Glens is characterised by open views of the sheep grazing country and high hills of the eastern Cairngorms. The short, but steep, ascent to the imposing monument at the top of the Hill of Rowan is rewarded by a fantastic panorama.

Duration: 3 hours. Continue reading “(078) Tarfside-Hill of Rowan Circuit (Angus)”

(003) Edzell-Rocks of Solitude Return (Angus/Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
A fairly long riverside walk, mostly in mature broadleaf woodland. Steep-sided cliffs are a common feature, especially in the Rocks of Solitude section. Throughout, the river alternates between surging rapids, deep pools and wide shallows, making for a very scenic experience.

Duration: 4 hours Continue reading “(003) Edzell-Rocks of Solitude Return (Angus/Aberdeenshire)”