(036) Forvie Reserve-Hackley Bay Ramble (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
This walk offers a variety of environments: heath-land; rocky sea-cliffs; an isolated sandy cove; capped of with a visit to the pretty former fishing village of Collieston. The distance covered, and overall ascent, is moderate, and should suit walkers of all abilities.

Duration: 2.75 hours. Continue reading “(036) Forvie Reserve-Hackley Bay Ramble (Aberdeenshire)”

(014) Newburgh Beach & Golf Course Ramble (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
An easy little walk with fine views around and about the coastal village of Newburgh-on-Ythan. The walk takes in the dunes environment, a beach where basking seals in large numbers can be observed, and a gentle circuit around the picturesque old golf course.

Duration: 1.5 hour Continue reading “(014) Newburgh Beach & Golf Course Ramble (Aberdeenshire)”

(006) Ythan Estuary and Forvie Sands Circular (Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
This is a gentle but very rewarding walk in the Forvie Nature Reserve. The views of the estuary, dunes, heath-land and beach are marvellous at every turn. On the return leg there is a short diversion to the remains of the medieval village of Forvie, lost to the shifting sands.

Duration: 2 hours Continue reading “(006) Ythan Estuary and Forvie Sands Circular (Aberdeenshire)”