(015) Findhorn Ramble (Moray)

Route Summary
There are no significant ups and downs on this gentle hike, taking in Findhorn Bay and some of the wide sweep of Burghead Bay, where there is a special dunes eco-system. Later, part of the route is in pine woods, passing through the world-renown Findhorn Foundation community.

Duration: 2.5 hours


Route Overview
Duration: 2.5 hours.
Transport/Parking: Sometimes hourly Stagecoach #31 from Forres. Check their timetable. Extensive parking areas near the Burghead Bay (“back-shore”) beach.
Length: 7.890 km / 4.93 mi
Height Gain: 53 meter
Height Loss: 53 meter
Max Height: 14 meter
Min Height: 0 meter
Surface: Moderate. Mostly sandy paths with some walking on tarred surfaces.
Child Friendly: Yes, but only if children are used to walks of this distance.
Difficulty: Moderate.
Dog Friendly: Yes, keep dogs under close control. Pick up, bag and remove any mess!
Refreshments: Kimberley, and Crown & Anchor pubs, with food. Bakehouse, Seafood and Captain’s Table cafes.

Situated in beautiful Findhorn Bay, Findhorn has golden sandy beaches, a charming harbour, and a small heritage centre. All around Findhorn Bay, Burghead Bay, and the nearby Culbin Forest, there are great places for wildlife, walking and water-sports. This very scenic circular walk heads out from the old piers to a wonderful viewpoint in all directions at the mouth of the Bay, the “Ee”. It then proceeds along part of the long and sweeping shoreline of Burghead Bay to a fascinating 2 km stretch of sand dunes and vegetation untouched by human intervention. The walk then heads inland through the dunes to reach pine woods. This area is occupied by the mostly wooden eco-buildings of the Findhorn Foundation community. The Foundation describes itself as a dynamic experiment where everyday life is guided by the inner voice of spirit with “…inspired action towards our vision of a better world”. There are now 90 ecological buildings, three wind generators, and a biological sewage treatment plant on the site. The existing settlement of Findhorn is the second village to bear this name, the original having been eventually inundated by the sea by the early 18th Century. In its day, Findhorn was the principal seaport of Moray and a busy fishing port. As vessels became larger, trade and fishing declined and then ceased. The shore-based salmon fisheries lasted until the 1980s but they too are no more. Today, Findhorn is a well-kept and prosperous commuter, holiday and second-home village situated in glorious natural surroundings.

Photos from walk
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