(003) Edzell-Rocks of Solitude Return (Angus/Aberdeenshire)

Route Summary
A fairly long riverside walk, mostly in mature broadleaf woodland. Steep-sided cliffs are a common feature, especially in the Rocks of Solitude section. Throughout, the river alternates between surging rapids, deep pools and wide shallows, making for a very scenic experience.

Duration: 4 hours

Duration: 4 hours.
Transport/Parking: There is an infrequent bus service from Brechin to Edzell. On-street parking on Edzell High Street.
Length: 10.000 km / 6.25 mi
Height Gain: 108 meter  Height Loss: 108 meter
Max Height: 108 meter  Min Height: 51 meter
Surface: Moderate. Generally fairly smooth riverside paths. May be slippy in wet conditions.
Child Friendly: Yes, but children MUST be closely supervised, especially in places where there are steep drops. In other respects, only if children are used to hikes of this distance and overall ascent.
***Walk feedback (July 2022) indicates that fallen trees affect the route at various places, and it is not possible to undertake the short loop involving Waypoints 8 and 9 at the furthest point on the route. Instead, re-trace your steps from Waypoint 7, picking up the route guidance again at Waypoint 10 (approximately 1.5 km from Waypoint 7)***
Difficulty: Medium.
Dog Friendly: Yes. Must be under close control at all times. On lead on public roads.
Refreshments: Options in Edzell.

There are many stunning riverside views on this walk from the pleasant Angus town of Edzell, positioned on the border between Angus and Aberdeenshire at the entrance to the high ground of Glen Esk. This walk is at the upper end of our distance preference (10 km) and it should be noted that there are sections where there are steep drops to the river, sometimes with fenced barriers, sometimes not. However, the route is quite safe if normal levels of care and attention are applied by the walker. Children should be closely supervised at all times. The route is mostly within mature broadleaf woodland and alternates between a high level, looking down on the rapids and pools of the River North Esk where the grandeur of the river flow is most evident, and closer to riverbank level where the river is wider and shallower. Salmon may be seen from above, either resting in the pools or making their way up-river at the rapids. Near the turning point, the route enters the area known, rather poetically, as “The Rocks of Solitude” This is an impressive rocky gorge with gushing rapids where the steep-sided gorge narrows. The “Shakin Brig”, a narrow pedestrian bridge, may be crossed depending on what return route is taken to Edzell (see Waypoint 13). A couple of ruined stone buildings are encountered and there are fine views up to hills of Glen Esk in places where the tree cover clears.

See also: http://www.angus.gov.uk/sites/angus-cms/files/2017-09/Glen%20Esk%20Path%20Network.pdf

Photos from walk
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